Q. Can I start the Busy Mum Program If I have just had a baby?
We take Post Natal Clients on from 6 Weeks after a normal Birth 10 Weeks C-section You will be given a postnatal program to do along side nutrition that also caters for breastfeeding If you have abdominal separation larger then 3 fingers apart, we do suggest you go to a womens physio first but we do cater for it smaller then 3 fingers.
Q. Does it matter how old my kids are?
This program is geared at any Busy Female whether your child is 4 months old or 25.
Q. What kind of training programs should I expect?
The Busy Mum programs are geared at Mums who have limited time on their hands and want to get results around family life or Mums who just want results. We have two options (but include both) Home & Gym Training System. All workouts are between 12-25minutes long, we provide motivational workout music to keep you pumped. The home system does not require any gym equipment and we cater for beginner to advanced. The Gym workouts are no longer then 35 minutes, 3 days of weights, 2 days of HIIT which can be done at home. Both systems are proven fat loss systems to tone the body, burn fat fast and are extremely enjoyable. Note: We do note use cardio or cardio machines.
Q. How much weight should I expect to lose?
Every individual will have different results and goals. Our approach is about creating a healthy, happy, confident mum both with self love and an outlook of ultimate health. Dealing with such issues of emotional eating and limiting beliefs is crucial which we guide you through at the start. It's not all about training and nutrition, our holistic approach is our success to your total transformation.
Q. What if I am a vegetarian?
We do have vegetarian options available on the program but we require you to eat eggs or a natural protein powder to balance out the protein intake
Q. Are The Meals Easy To Cook & Work For The Family?
We give you a new 7 day meal plan every week, you can pick and choose form the meals to suit. They are all family friendly so the kids can eat them as well. Our approach is health, we don't calorie count or weigh food, we incorporate nutrient dense meals that are easy to make, give you more energy, balance hormones and get you feeling amazing.
Q. Do I Need Access To A Gym Or Any Equipment For The Home Workouts?
We have two training options home or gym and you get access to both. 90% of the Mums do the home training system which includes workout music, you do not require any gym equipment at home.
Q. What Qualifications Does Kelly Have?
Kelly is certified Level 3 Personal Trainer & Nutrition, also specialised in Pre/Post Natal. Kelly is the co-author of "The Fit Mummy Manual" and is a regular contributor to many fitness giants including Bodybuilding.com, Oxygen and many more. All Kelly's courses have been Nutritionist approved.
14 Day Challenge Questions: How Much Weight Will I Lose During the Challenge?
We really don’t know exactly how much you will lose as everyone has a different body, age, metabolism, digestive system and hormones. Not only will you be dropping inches but you will feel stronger, slimmer and have more energy. And remember that muscle is denser than fat, and takes up less space - so as you lose fat and add muscle, that is exactly why you won't always see the number on the scale going down super fast all the time. Results and fat loss will happen so much faster when combining it with the right healthy food so make sure you grab the nutrition plan to assist you. We suggest measures and photos during the 14 days to track progress.
14 Day Challenge Questions: Can I change the start Date or Pause the Challenge?
We cannot pause or stop the challenge after its sent out.
14 Day Challenge Questions: Should I Warm Up/Cool Down Before the Workout?
Yes, we advise to warm up and cool down before and after every workout to prevent injury.
14 Day Challenge Questions: Where do I tag or check in for the Challenge?
You have to join the Facebook group Secrets of the Busy Mum Lifestyle. Links was sent to you via Email.
14 Day Challenge Questions: Do you Ship the Programs to my house?
We do not send anything, the whole program is online and sent via email.
14 Day Challenge Questions: How do I Pick a Protein Powder?
First of all protein powder will NOT bulk you up. If you are opting for the powershakes then we suggest a natural protein powder – Please see the supplement list in the guide. Or you can purchase from our website: https://busymumhealth.co.nz
14 Day Challenge Questions: Does this cover Breast Feeding?
No? But check with your doctor first and you can adapt the nutrition with the principles below. Breast Feeding 1. 3L of water a day is a must 2. Coconut water is great, if your supply is low 3. Increase your healthy fats - avocado, nuts, organic butter (cook with) 4. If you opt for the Power Shakes in the morning for breakfast, use coconut milk (full fat) as this will help with production of the breast milk and add extra calories. You can also dilute in a jug, 1 can coconut to two parts water. 5. Make sure you are having one-two portions of complex carbs a day - quinoa for breakfast, 1/2 organic rice, 100g sweet potato (chips/baked etc) 6. Others things that may help - Fenugreek and Brewers Yeast. Please note: If you are using a Protein Powder, you need to make sure it is from a natural source. Pea or hemp protein that does not use any sweeteners. You can get one here: https://busymumhealth.co.nz Still need help? Contact Us.
14 Day Challenge Questions: Can I workout alongside the challenge?
Yes, depending on your own fitness level you can. The most important thing to do is ensure you listen to your body and take rest days.
14 Day Challenge Questions: What is the Benefit of Having a Meal Plan During the Challenge?
70% of your results are going to come from dealing with your nutrition. The meal plan has been devised to work alongside to get you the best results possible.
14 Day Challenge Questions: My page doesn’t seem to be loading properly, what do I do?
1. Update your browser 2. Clear your browser history/cache 3. Try a different internet browser or device & have enough memory 4. Use a strong internet connection
Virtual Gym Membership Questions: How Does the Virtual Gym Work?
You can choose from any of the home or gym workout plans in your member’s area, or use the Virtual Gym live workouts. We have our coaching and accountability in the community Facebook group. You post daily and connect in person with the other members and myself. Each week I will deliver and extra 3-4 live workouts which will also be uploaded to the website so you can go back and do them in your own time I will also have weekly live chats and educational webinars which will be the key to your accountability and results. You’ll have full 24/7 access to the member’s community where you’ll get support, answers to your questions and can check in daily to stay accountable with your workouts!
Virtual Gym Membership Questions: Other Members and Expectations of the group?
The program is all about being around like-minded Mums on the same journey but you must be willing to take action. We promote positivity, support and encouragement. Sure, being a Mum means that’s life will have additional stresses but we promote a balanced approach, education to handle these times and of course and environment to do this in.
Virtual Gym Membership Questions: How Will I Get Results
The Virtual Gym will give guidance and support when you’re doing any of the programs on the site which in turn will give you the best results possible. Most waste money on magic shakes, diets and programs that don’t give that extra level of motivation and support. The VG you are surrounded by like minded Mum who are on the same journey as you. We are about community and creating life long health habits for you and the family which are sustainable.
Virtual Gym Membership Questions: Do I need Equipment?
No Equipment Needed although wee may from time to time add in a resistance band or hand weights from time to time but these are optional. We do suggest having a water bottle with you at all workouts
Virtual Gym Membership Questions: Is there a Guarantee?
YES. If you follow the programs, keep accountable daily and ask questions to get the right support your results will flow. You get out what you put in, so be prepared to take action.
Virtual Gym Membership Questions: How long is the program for & can I cancel?
You can cancel at any time, there is no contract – billing is automatic and recurs monthly after you sign up. Just contact my friendly customer support team at support@busymumfitness.com or cancel paypal if you have used this. Although we of course don't want you to leave, so before doing so reach out to us, let us know how we can further assist. We have such an amazing community you’ll probably find yourself staying there as long as you need the support and motivation. With such a variety in programs, education, nutrition it will be crucial to stay until you have installed these life long habits and got the results you deserve. Many members find the program to be an integral part of their success and the results they get.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: What if I have a food allergy?
Please let your trainer know about this and we can adjust the menu accordingly.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: What if I don’t have weight to lose and just want to add muscle?
First of all we are not a bulking program or use bodybuilding protocols. The plan does however provide enough optimal nutrition for building lean muscle allowing your body to burn fat at the same time. We also have trainers that can give extra advice or amend the plan if need be.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: How Much Weight Can I Lose on the 12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Program?
Everyone has a different body is unique in their own way so therefore results may vary.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: What kinds of foods will I be eating on the program & are they family friendly?
The Busy Mum Program is based on nutrient dense food. You get a brand new 7- day meal plan every week that cater for up to 5 portion sizes in each recipe. Easy whole, foods that are unprocessed, unrefined such as: Lean Meats & poultry Eggs Seafood Low GI fruits All vegetables Raw nuts & seeds Healthy fats including organic butter & coconut oil Whole carbs – Rice, Sweet Potato & Quinoa We also have a vegetarian options The food in this program is gluten free, dairy free and soy free.* We have a flexible approach, so if you don’t like something, don’t have it. You can swap meat for meat, poultry for poultry and fish for fish. Same with the vegetables All family friendly.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: Do I need any equipment for the12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Program?
No, if you opt for the home workout program you do not require any home equipment. We do of course offer a gym program as well which does require a gym with weights but the home program is all bodyweight exercises.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: How long do the workouts take?
Home Program 3 x 6 min workouts & 3 x 24 min workouts – Although if you are stuck for time then we suggest to half them. Gym Program 2 x 24 min HIIT workouts & 3-4 x 30 min Weights workouts
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: How do I upload my workout music?
We will either have the music on the site or send it to you via the dropbox app. You just transfer this onto your phone and download. Further details will be on the membership page.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: We are on a tight budget, will this plan be suitable?
As the nutrition guide is flexible, meaning you can swap dish for dish, then yes this program is very affordable.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: What if I’m still hungry on the program?
All feedback will be different on the program and yes of course you can eat more food if required, especially if there is more exercise involved. We will suggest recommend steps for you.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: Do you cater for breast feeding?
Yes, we do cater for breast feeding on the program. Please read our BF principles tab on the site before starting and if you have any further concerns you can talk to you trainer.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: Can I follow this program on my iphone or android?
Yes you can but, As we have many larger documents we do suggest getting to a computer to print these out at the start. The phone can be used for the music and fb check ins.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: Do you cater for a New Mum?
We take any new Mum from 6 Week Check Up Normal Birth, to 10 Week Check Up C-Section. You will be assessed and given a specific postnatal program to suit recovery.
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: I did not receive my Log In details?
If you have not received your log in details after purchase, please check in your junk folder first. If not email support@busymumfitness.com
12/24 Week VIP Busy Mum Questions: What if I get sick during the program?
As the program is teaching your lifestyle principles we urge you to focus of course on healing during this time. Nutrition and hydration are still very important, so we urge you to still carry on in these areas and keep accountable on the program. Life isn’t perfect and we don’t expect it to be. If you have concerns about your sickness then you can contact your trainer.

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