5 Years in NZ! 
 1000's of Transformed Busy Mums
5 Years in NZ! 
 1000's of Transformed Busy Mums
We're looking for 15 Mums that want to transform their body & health, so they not only look good, but feel great too!

The 'Next Round Is OPEN' Join our 8 Week VIP Busy Mum Program and get 4 FREE Bonuses worth $500
So what’s the alternative?
Eat clean 100% of the time? Exercise 5x a week for an hour at a time?

Busy Mum please!
Change the narrative and create your new story:
  •  I started with 6 minute workouts and I invite my kids to join me
  •  I reached out for help
  •  I got organised
  •  I replaced my daily coffee a day with an affordable fitness program
  •   I started to eat better and found more energy
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What to expect when you join this program? 
  • Are ready to lose unwanted body fat
  • Want to add lean toned muscle to your body
  • Want a fit & healthy lifestyle around your busy Mum life
  • Are available for online coaching
  • Are willing to take before and after photographs and stay accountable to the trainer/fb page daily.
  • Can dedicate 12-24 minutes, 3-4 times a week to yourself
  • RECIVE EXTRA $250 gifts below
  • BONUS: Cellulite Blasting Guide
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Mummy Tummy Guide
  • BONUS: My 7 Day Detox
  • BONUS: 2x 'Healthy Life' Cookbooks
  • My signature 28 Day Challenge
  • Motivational Movements (the funnest quick workouts around!)
  • Workout plans that you can use ANYWHERE!
  • My simple 24 minute workouts that'll fit right into your busy schedule
  • Unlimited access to my awesome online support community that helps you connect with other busy mums that are working towards their fitness goals
  • Q&A support from Kelly and coaches
  • Stay inspired with daily info emails
  • Live weekly accountability calls
  • Access to powerful mindset techniques and tools to help improve mental health
  • 100’s of QUICK family-friendly and budget-friendly recipes
  • Nutritionist approved meal plans
  • BONUS: Cellulite Blasting Guide
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Mummy Tummy Guide
  • BONUS: My 7 Day Detox
  • BONUS: 2x 'Healthy Life' Cookbooks
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You might be thinking:
But I have a family, I don’t want to cook different meals
All the recipes are family-friendly so there is no need to make separate meals for your loved ones.
I don’t have time to make complicated meals with weird ingredients
Neither do I! All meals are ‘Busy Mum’ friendly, taking as little time as possible.
I can’t afford a gym membership
I haven’t had a gym membership in years either. That’s why all my workouts can be done at home or anywhere with #noequipment needed
I hope this works
This is why I feel so strongly about mindset, how you think and feel becomes your reality. But don’t take my word, just take a look at all the testimonials
What if I don’t like a recipe?
That’s ok. With 100’s of recipes there plenty of recipes for variety and to make sure you never get bored.
Do I have to count calories?
Absolutely not! My meal plans have been personally approved by a nutritionist to allow you eat the foods you love without feeling guilty.
Do I need to buy additional supplements with the program?
No you don’t. But in the program I do share the supplements that I use and that can be helpful for overall well-being.
I don’t need to lose weight, but I do struggle with fitting in long workout. Will this help me?
YES! As busy women finding the time to workout can be challenging, especially if you juggle work, children, a partner and outside activities. That’s why my workouts can be done at a minimum of 6 minutes, because any movement is better than none at all.
I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read this, I know you’re a busy woman, and I hope to see you soon! 
Kelly Rennie
P.S. But just In case you were super busy and scrolled all the way to end, here is the summary: 

I was overweight, unhappy and unhealthy, until I realised that my mindset was the key to finding happiness in all areas of my life. After changing my mindset, getting healthy, becoming a fitness model, then a mum of two kids under two, I realised there was a need for program that was achievable around a busy life.

There’s no calorie counting, no shakes, no catches or gimmicks. The #BusyMumMovement will change your life
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